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remember villains are the heroes in their own story    



Children Read To Shelter Cats To Soothe Them

(Photos by Animal Rescue League Of Berks County. You can follow them on Facebook.)

Also good for the kids. They encourage having slow readers read to the family pets. A dog will listen to a kid read a whole book one damn sssyl-la——-ble at a time, and it will never get frustrated, or correct their pronunciation, or start playing Angry Bird because it can’t stand listening to the slowness any more. The dog will look at the kid approvingly, because, human. Human is talking. Human is interacting.

So this is a great win-win.

Oh sorry, there is something in my eye. I’m not crying it’s just raining on my face.

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no, i don’t watch that show, but i do follow its developments extensively via tumblr

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#do you ever just cry #because bucky barnes and steve rogers #goddamn idiot soldiers in love

Heh. I remember when that happened. One day I was calm and objective about the pairing and the next



#do you ever just cry #because bucky barnes and steve rogers #goddamn idiot soldiers in love

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Heh. I remember when that happened. One day I was calm and objective about the pairing and the next


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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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Powerful reminders.

Use your words to uplift rather than put down.

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Female candidates undergo stricter scrutiny than their male colleagues. Hillary Clinton, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi have all experienced the same critical eye of reporters. Instead of being judged by their experience, female politicians are continually judged by their appearance. Studies conducted by the Women’s Media Center & She Should Run have shown that even mentioning a female candidate’s appearance negatively affects her standing with the voters against a male candidate. Female politicians are evaluated and frequently dismissed simply by their looks.

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly battled remarks about her appearance. She has snapped, remarking, “If I want to wear my glasses, I’m wearing my glasses. If I want to wear my hair back I’m pulling my hair back. You know at some point it’s just not something that deserves a lot of time and attention.” When she was asked what designers she wears she replied, “Would you ever ask a man that question?” Hillary Clinton repeatedly points out the blatant double standard in the media.

"  -

What I’ve Learned From the Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton

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Of course I also judge Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman for being terrible, but still.

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You judge the idiotic words that come out of their mouth. That’s different.

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In the 75 years since Batman’s debut, how has the great detective survived when so many other pop culture phenomenons have faded into the shadows?

We spoke with nine of Batman’s creators from over the years to help us understand.

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How many books must a man buy a girl before they may date and live happily ever after?


Got it? Good. 

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Wipe him.


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food headcanons 


Bucky is a decent cook with a narrow repertoire. He does the boiling thing. He boils meat and vegetables and is okay with eating the same thing day after day after day EXCEPT for sweet stuff. He has this massive sweet tooth he (barely) keeps hidden from the rest of the world. He keeps candy bars in his pockets and eats them casually in the middle of missions (walkin slowly towards this guy, gonna blow his head off, still chewin on that kit kat bar). When anyone asks he gets defensive and says that he has a high metabolism okay!! Offers no explanation for the $100/month he spends on Starbucks frappes.

Natasha doesn’t do the cooking thing. She eats what she can get her hands on. Sometimes it’s caviar. Sometimes it’s McDonalds. Left to her own devices she ends up eating a lot of junk food with some reluctant “healthy” smoothies thrown into the mix. Has a secret fondness for really, really spicy things, though. She’s been known to carry bottles of hot sauce and squirt it liberally on her food so that people (Clint, only Clint dares) don’t try to mooch off of her.

Sam is a total foodie. Doesn’t even try to hide it. He’s OUTRAGED at the pizza chain Natasha always orders from (because it’s the first number she saw when she googled “dc pizza delivery”) and OUTRAGED at Bucky’s boiled meat dinners. Whenever they get together, Sam makes them go to out-of-the-way authentic ethnic restaurants, or cooks fancy things for them all. Everyone is appropriately appreciative, especially Natasha, who specifically learned enough Chinese in order to say, yes, I am a white person but i promise you i want actually spicy spicy food, not white person spicy food to the waitress at the Schezwan restaurant.

Steve … tries. He forgets to eat meals a lot of time, because he’s busy or just doesn’t think of it. His serum allows him to metabolize nutrients super efficiently, but also requires high calorie intake, so when he’s alone, Steve ends up distractedly eating, like, dozens of dense protein bars. When he gets Bucky back, he tries learning how to cook, maybe gets lessons from Sam on basic things like eggs and pancakes but when Sam is not literally holding his hand, Steve always manages to fuck up really, really terribly. The ones that end up setting off the fire alarm goes in the trash. The ones that don’t, end up in Bucky’s mouth, and he has to smile and nod because Steve just looks so darn proud, Bucky’s probably going to die of some kind of poisoning but he’s going to force himself to have seconds.

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Imagine Bucky using Steve's shield as a sled in the winter


he wasn’t counting on how little traction it would have, and they picked a big hill to try it out -

"fuck fuck FUCK i FUCKED UP—"

luckily for the world, sam was recording; a vine consisting of just bucky whizzing through the screen yelling obscenities goes viral within hours. it’s tagged #hecallshimselfthewintersoldier, and steve doesn’t stop laughing about it for days.

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Rhodey (possibly) canon 






The one thing I think fanfic authors miss, is Rhodey went to MIT with Tony. His major was probably aerospace engineering, since many Air Force officer candidates major in this area. You know what…

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U.S. libraries become front line in fight against homelessness 



this is literally what happens when a young adult starts working full time

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